Ch-11(Marketing Management)

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Direct Questions

1.     What is the market?
2.     What is marketing?
3.     State the pillars of marketing.
4.     What are features of marketing?
5.     What is difference between Need and want?
6.     Exchange is referred to as the essence of marketing. Why?
7.     For any exchange to take place, what are conditions that are to be satisfied?
8.     What can be marketed?
9.     Who is the marketer?
10. Can buyer be the marketer?
11. Define Marketing management.
12. Management of marketing involves process .Name steps
13. Explain 5 marketing philosophies and differentiate between them
14. Explain Functions of marketing.
15. What is marketing mix and discuss its elements.


1.     What is product
2.     In marketing, product is a mixture of tangible and intangible attributes. How?
3.     “From customer’s pint of view, product is bundle of utilities. “In light of this statement, explain three types of utilities or benefits offered by product.
4.     What do you mean by Product mix
5.     Explain three elements of Product mix
6.     Define Branding
7.     Explain Brand, Brand name, Brand Mark and Trade mark.
8.     What are advantages of branding to customer and marketer
9.     What are characteristics of good brand name?
10.  Define Packaging
11. Explain three levels of Packaging with example
12. Why has packaging become important?
13. Explain how Packaging acts as silent salesman?
14. Define Labelling
15. Name 12 things which are normally mentioned on labels of the products
16.  Draw the label of shampoo bottle
17. “Labels perform important functions in marketing of products” How? 

1.     What do you mean by Physical distribution /Physical distribution mix/ Place mix?
2.     What are the two major decisions relating to Physical distribution mix ?
3.     What do you mean by Channels of Distribution?
4.     Name and draw different types of channels of Distribution. Give one example each
5.     Give 4 examples of direct channels.
6.     Explain factors affecting choice of channels.
7.     Explain four components of Physical distribution
8.     Firm has to strike a balance between the cost of warehousing and the level of customer service. How?
9.     Name the four   major factors determining inventory levels.
10. Firm has to strike a balance between the cost of inventory and the level of customer service. How?
1.     Define Price?        
2.     What is Price Mix?
3.     Explain six factors affecting determination of price of a product.
4.     Explain four Pricing objectives.

1.     What do you mean by promotion?
2.     What do you mean by promotion mix?
3.     Define advertising.
4.     Discuss features of advertising.
5.     What are advantages of advertising?
6.     Are critics justified in raising objections against advertising?
7.     Define personal selling.
8.     Discuss  features of personal selling
9.     Write six qualities of good salesman.
10. Define Sales promotion.
11. Name 11 sales promotion techniques with example
12. Define Public Relations.
13. Discuss methods or tools for Public Relations.
14. Discuss importance of Public Relations.

Indirect questions 

1.    1.   Goods are not bought but they have to be sold “Which marketing concept is highlighted here  ?
2. Identify tool of promotion mix from following statement
(        a)   It is highly flexible as message can be adjusted as per situation
(        b)   It include shorty term incentives to boost sales
(        c)    It aims at creating and managing  successful relations with public

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Sales Promotion Techniques

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Question: Explain the concept of Marketing Mix .(5 Marks)

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  1. most of the marketing mix elements's features are quite same ??

  2. Mam please answer my following query,i will be highly obliged!
    State whether the following is Rebate Or Discount:
    1) A Ltd. announced a discount of Rs.1000 on TV price
    2) A Ltd. announced a 10% discount on TV price
    3) A Ltd. announced a 10% discount on TV price to clear off excess inventory
    Please help me out!!