Syllabus for year 2017-18

Dear students

Syllabus for the year 2017-18 is out.
Check link below for latest syllabus for Business Studies subject and project guidelines for class 11 and 12
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Study tips by Mr R.K Mahajan (Author of Business Studies book -Modern abc of Business Studies)

Topics of Marketing

Topics to be done from NCERT Book (normally not covered in most of reference books)

  1.  What is market ?
  2. What can be marketed?
  3.   Who is the marketer?
  4.  Can buyer be the marketer?
  5.   In marketing, product is a mixture of tangible and intangible attributes. How?
  6.   “From customer’s pint of view, product is bundle of utilities. “In light of this statement, explain three types of utilities or benefits offered by product.
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Strategy for revising Business Studies subject

Dear students

You are through with your board paper of English today (9th March, 2017) and your next paper is Business Studies (16th March, 2017).So you have six days for preparation and revision of this subject
You must have designed your own strategy to utilize these six days judicially.
You can follow the strategy given below. You are free to make any modifications or changes in this strategy according to your requirement.
  1.  First four days (i.e. from 10th to 13th March) do revision of three chapters per day. Read NCERT Book thoroughly, Try direct, indirect, application based questions and case studies .Make Mind Maps after revising chapter.
  2.  On 14th March, Try 4- 5 Sample papers by writing only heading and sub heading of answers. After doing this you will get an idea about topics or chapters which you still need to revise.
  3. On 15th March, Try 1-2 full papers according to time allotted in exam (15 minutes of reading and 3 hours of writing}.This will help you to manage your time properly during actual exam.

Business studies is a scoring subject. Have faith in your preparations and you.

All the best!

Try chapter wise tests and Unit wise tests

Dear students
Try chapter wise test after completing or learning the chapter and after that you can try unit wise tests
Unit are :
Unit 1- Chapter 1,2,3
Unit 2- Chapter 4,5
Unit 3- Chapter 6,7,8
Unit 4- Chapter 9,10
Unit 5- Chapter 11,12

Check under tab : Sample Paper and chapter wise test

Business Studies VIVA Guidelines

Most students are concerned about whether they will be able to perform well. Although it may feel like a completely new challenge. It is indeed regarded as the most feared component of the whole examination but we have some tips for you to improve your performance


Management as an Art ,science and profession

Dear students

Please click link below to find answer to questions of ch 1 (Nature and significance of management )

Explain Management as an Art
Explain  Management as a Science
Explain Management as a Profession

You will find the ideal method or way to attempt these questions

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