Application based question from Chapter - Marketing management

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You have seen the current trend of asking indirect or application based questions in Business Studies exam.
These questions are aimed to check your understanding of chapter and how can you apply the concept learned in chapter to real life situation given.

Yesterday in newspaper ,I found this phamplet .And after going through it ,I thought of framing an application based question from Chapter - Marketing management.

Qestion :
From the picture of phamplet  given above , Identify the tools  of Marketing Mix used  . Also identify their sub elements of those tools.

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Question :
From the picture of pamphlet  given above , Identify the functions  of Marketing

Revision worksheet ch-3 Business Environment

Dear students please check newly added Revision worksheet of Ch-3 Business Environment under chapter tab .You can write answers in same worksheet

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Support Material 2017-18 issued by Directorate of education

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Mangerial response to change in business enviornment

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Please check  answer to the topic
Managerial response to change in business environment
from chapter -3 (Business Environment )
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Sample Paper issued by CBSE for Year 2017-18

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Sample Paper issued by CBSE for Year 2017-18 are out
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Financial market crossword

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Try this crossword puzzle on concepts covered in chapter -10 (Financial market)

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1. Take print and try crossword
2. Solve this crossword online

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KV Support material 2016-17

Dear students please check support material issued by Kendriya vidyalya for year 2016-17
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