Business Studies VIVA Guidelines

Most students are concerned about whether they will be able to perform well. Although it may feel like a completely new challenge. It is indeed regarded as the most feared component of the whole examination but we have some tips for you to improve your performance


Management as an Art ,science and profession

Dear students

Please click link below to find answer to questions of ch 1 (Nature and significance of management )

Explain Management as an Art
Explain  Management as a Science
Explain Management as a Profession

You will find the ideal method or way to attempt these questions

Click here 

Sales Promotion Techniques video

Dear students

This video will help you understand Sales Promotion Techniques
This  Topic is part of topic Promotion mix of chapter - 11 (Marketing Management )

Standardization marks

Dear students
check the picture below to know the standardized marks used in India for ensuring that you buy only good quality products
This is covered under Ch -12 Consumer Protection

How to handle case studies questions ?

Dear students
Do check this video for getting practice of doing case study questions
Although this video is little long (2 hours 34 mins) but it is very good and useful
Also check case studies given under the case study tab(Page)

CBSE Sample paper for year 2016-17

Dear students

Please click the link below to check CBSE Sample paper for year 2016-17
Click here 

Planning - Revision assignment

Dear students

Please check revision assignment under
1.  Planning chapter tab or Click here 
2. Organizing Chapter tab or Click here 
You can fill answers in that worksheet itself.
You should try it after learning the chapter .
Happy learning :)